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    Same day hassle free after hours and weekend urgent care visits. No appointment necessary.


OnCall Dental makes dentistry reachable for the 38%.


OnCall Community of dentists destroys access to dental care issues.


Everything you need to know about OnCall Dental Urgent Care.

How are OnCall dentists different?

OnCall Dental trains and certifies our dentists to ensure you receive the highest quality of care! We focus on convenience and emergency treatments, designed to fix what matters most, when it matters most. OnCall dentists are trained in emergency dental diagnosis and treatment situations.

We save time in our schedules to accommodate you for all areas of dental care.

Our dentists are trained in: emergency care, convenient care, root canals, extractions, chipped teeth, knocked out teeth and knowing how to relieve dental anxiety and pain.

Does OnCall have financing options?

We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Our offices also offer financing for all dental treatment through CareCredit (upon approval). Check with your local office to inquire about any additional options or further questions.

Do you offer 2nd opinions?

At OnCall dental we recognize that it can be confusing knowing what to do when it comes to fixing your teeth. Because of this, we offer complimentary second opinions to help you understand your options.

If you have been told in the past that you needed treatment but never moved forward with it, let us help you decide what to do. Call and schedule your second opinion appointment today and let us help.

Do you take dental insurance?

OnCall Dental offers several different options when it comes to dental insurance. Most offices are in network with several major PPO plans. Some offices offer a discount plan for those without dental insurance. Please inquire with your local office.

Do you have to have an appointment to be seen?

At OnCall Dental Walk Ins are always welcome. We are different in that we see patients in the same day. Same Day Dentistry allows people who need convenience care and urgent care to get the help they need NOW. Of course, we can schedule appointments to facilitate the your schedule and OnCall’s schedule. We are here for you. Stop seeing the dentist only on their time and see an OnCall Dentist on your time!


If you’ve been a patient at an OnCall Dental Urgent Care,
we want to hear about your experience!



Seeing the dentist has never been easier.

At OnCall Dental we pledge to see you quicker, treat what matters most to you, when it matters most. Your schedule is our schedule. Let us help you avoid costly long visits to the Emergency Room and Urgent Cares. We are ready to help!

Our phone protocols, check in paperwork, and triage treatment protocols are all designed to facilitate what we call the “Oncall Win”. A Quality dental experience when you need it most.

No Big Treatment Plans! Treating what you want! Financing Options Available and we accept most insurance.

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